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The Cost of Unreliability

When an influential energy sector organisation ran into ongoing reliability problems with their mission-critical firewall infrastructure their incumbent support partner and vender recommended the approach of replacing their existing single firewall with a complex and expensive firewall cluster.

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Application Hosting – Credibility and Availability

The decision to move to online client reporting is a significant one for any organisation. When you are one of your country's leading electricity generators and retailers the challenges of doing it right, and the consequences of doing it wrong are huge.

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The Cost of Building Vs the Cost of a Managed Service

A high profile government organisation had set a goal of significantly increasing their internet presence. To achieve this they believed that they where going to have to implement a new network security infrastructure.

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The Growing Need to Connect to Partners

Like many organisations these days a significant Government Department found the need to securely and reliably connect to other agencies and private companies growing month by month.

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Can Viruses and Worms be Stopped?

Viruses and worms are a serious threat to all organisations. When a leading manufacturing organisation started to feel the negative effects of being online they began looking for a long-term solution.

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