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The Issue

Like many organisations these days a significant Government Department found the need to securely and reliably connect to other agencies and private companies growing month by month. This was leading to a strain on their internal technical staff due to the planning and design requirements, and also to a strain on their existing firewall gateway.

Business units were becoming increasingly impatient with the delays that were occurring in connecting to third parties and were unhappy with the increasing number of outages that were occurring due to changes and the load on their internal systems.

The impending release of a new business critical application was seen as a driver to explore what alternate options existed that would have the capacity, security, operational reliability and market credibility to plan and deliver what was required.

The Solution

When DMZGlobal's Senior Security Consultants reviewed the operational and security requirements it was clear that DMZBoundary, DMZGlobal's "Network Boundary Management" service could be of significant benefit.

By using DMZGlobal SBX (Secure Business Exchange) it would be possible to leverage the highly available architecture and strict access and change control processes and procedures to manage their communications. DMZGlobal implemented a DMZCOIN (Community of Interest Network) relocating the client's existing 3rd party network connections from their onsite firewall and redundant network paths to the client were installed and procedures for granting and revoking access to and from external parties developed.

The Outcome

By taking advantage of the secure and managed infrastructure of the DMZCOIN over the SBX the client was able to rapidly deploy a solution that replaced their existing dated infrastructure and support arrangements.

As DMZGlobal takes advantage of the fact that many organisations communicate with the same 3rd parties we are able to cost effectively and securely share network infrastructure, allowing our clients to benefit from high-speed connections and reduce their overall network complexity. The client was able to focus their internal IT staff on their areas of core competency while adding the resources of DMZGlobal's specialist 24x7 security management team.

The result has been a service that is viewed by the client as an asset because of its integrity, availability, and its ability to scale with business demand.