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Boundary Management

DMZBoundary is a managed networking service that allows secure connectivity between our client's networks and their business partners and clients. The service manages and controls the connectivity according to policies approved by those parties.

Network Boundary Management provides our clients with a specialist IT security infrastructure and a specialist security team to supplement their own internal IT staff and systems, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The DMZBoundary service can be used to replace aging or poorly managed security infrastructure or to enhance internal security systems in sensitive environments by adding an additional layer taking advantage of DMZGlobal's professional 24x7 security management and incident response capabilities.


Centralised Model

A "single pipe" infrastructure is implemented between DMZGlobal and our client's network. All of the client's 3rd party connections are terminated on DMZGlobal's Secure Business Exchange (SBX) security and network infrastructure, removing the need for our clients to maintain a complex onsite security environment

Distributed Model

In this model a connection between DMZGlobal and our client is used solely for security management purposes. Third party connections are terminated on a security infrastructure housed on the client's premises but fully managed and secured by DMZGlobal

Hybrid Model

This model combines the Centralised and Distributed environment, ie. DMZGlobal's Business Exchange may terminate some 3rd party connections for our client (eg. Internet based VPN's) and others will terminate on the client's own infrastructure


  • Our client's network boundary is managed to an agreed security policy. If a client can't provide a security policy DMZGlobal provides a default network boundary policy designed to meet or exceed the ISO27001 standard, thereby help you meet your security compliance requirements
  • Clients receive 24x7 specialist support, security management and incident response from Asia-Pacific's most qualified and experienced security management team ensuring your security and integrity
  • Clients are able to leverage DMZGlobal's highly reliable and secure Business Exchange to facilitate business transactions simplifying your environment, lowering going costs and future-proofing your investment
  • Clients receive 24x7 security threat analysis and expert advice
  • Clients receive detailed monthly service and security reporting