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Secure Community Of Interest Networks

The DMZGlobal Secure Business Exchange (SBX) is designed to create an infrastructure where user groups and partner organisations can communicate securely through Community of Interest Networks (COIN). All communication between the parties then takes place within DMZGlobal's secure infrastructure.


DMZGlobal clients can establish a single or multiple redundant connections into the SBX and the key attributes are:

  • Clients can communicate with any interested party or sub-community within the bounds of a pre-agreed set of rules as enforced by DMZGlobal and agreed to by all participants
  • Clients can use SBX connections to provide secure management access to sensitive resources for administration, support, monitoring and management
  • Clients can use DMZHosting services and in combination with the DMZCOIN to provide a private, highly available and secure system delivery platform

The key benefits of DMZCOIN are:

  • Participants can communicate without the security and availability threats of uncontrolled shared infrastructure such as the Internet
  • The reduced cost and complexity of dedicated Telecommunications infrastructure between the various parties
  • The end-to-end management of communication between participants irrespective of carrier and circuit ownership