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Distributed Denial of Service Attack Protection

Defend your reputation, infrastructure, business applications and data against DDoS attacks.

DMZDDoS is New Zealand's first ‘In cloud' DDoS protection service. It minimises the impact of DDoS with full threat detection, mitigation and surgical removal of attack traffic, protecting your web-facing services (e.g. DNS, HTTP, VoIP, IM & P2P) from DOS and DDoS attacks. By addressing attacks quickly, customers may reduce overall site downtime and the costs of bandwidth spikes that relate to such attacks.



Clients contact DMZGlobal, when a DDoS attack is suspected. DMZGlobal will place the customer's traffic into “protect mode” with legitimate transactions continue to be processed, ensuring business continuity for the customer, and malicious traffic is dropped.


The DMZDDoS Mitigation system automatically detects an attack, before it actually reaches the customer's infrastructure. DMZGlobal will place the customer's traffic into “protect mode” within minutes of the attack detection.


DMZDDoS Protection Services is an ‘in-cloud' solution that complements clients existing security and protection plans by offering a combination of best-of-breed security technology supported by an industry leading security team.


DMZDDoS can scale to meet your needs with a range of filtering options and service levels to align to your own risk levels. The service can be delivered over both Vodafone Business Internet Access (BIA) and DMZInternet (Highly Available Secure Web Access).

Assured service levels and reporting

DMZDDoS defines attack types, response times and mitigation capacity. We guarantee delivery of: 24x7 monitoring and security incident management and notification, including mitigation recommendation. DMZGlobal will perform frequent upgrades to protect against new types of attacks.

  • ‘In cloud': This means that no equipment is sited on customer premises. Stopping attacks upstream in the network is the only way to stop high bandwidth attacks congesting the customer's Internet connection.
  • Comprehensive protection: DMZDDoS protects against both International and ‘on shore' attacks. With specific protection against: Reflective attacks; Network layer attacks; Attacks against specific customer servers or website service components; Protocol misuse attacks, multi Gigabit/s high traffic volume attacks and Specific Application Layer attacks.

Customer portal

DMZGlobal portal provides clients access to relevant data and reports on specific attacks and overall activity.


  • Protect your strategic assets and brand.
  • Ensure your company meets mandatory regulatory and compliance requirements.
  • Take advantage of advanced filtering services to make sure only legitimate traffic is forwarded to you.
  • Enjoy the flexibility and scalability of a network-based solution to cover multiple locations and platforms.
  • Enjoy round-the-clock protection with a fully managed service.
  • Stay ahead of threats with proactive alerts and comprehensive reporting processes.
  • Provides DDoS mitigation ‘in the cloud' at the core-router level, minimising customer downtime and potentially reducing costly bandwidth spikes.
  • Employs a behavioural anomaly capability, to help improve attack-traffic filtering and prevent future DDoS exploits.
  • DMZDDoS will enable legitimate non-malicious traffic to continue unaffected by the attack.