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End Point Security Management

DMZEndPoint services provide security management and remote access services focused on protecting the end point device, be it a desktop PC, laptop or smart phone.

The traditional anti-virus approach of relying on server and desktop-based software to maintain and update itself has proven time and time again to be an insufficient defence. New viruses are being released at an alarming rate and are spreading globally in well under an hour aiming at the very least to disrupt email and network services, at the most compromise data and passwords.

The DMZGlobal Virus Management service is the most effective virus defence available through the combination of industry leading software with proven operational expertise to deliver a multi-layered solution. With DMZInternet and DMZMessaging, DMZGlobal provides our clients with email, web browsing and FTP virus protection that is second to none.

DMZGlobal is part of an international alliance of virus management providers that share real-time information on potential issues and outbreaks. To date we have stopped millions of viruses before they entered our client's networks.

For clients requiring a comprehensive anti-virus solution DMZGlobal provides an end-to-end service incorporating email, HTTP and FTP virus scanning. DMZGlobal deploys and manages 24x7 software on all network entry points, servers and desktop machines.

DMZGlobal monitors the performance of all software and responds on behalf of our clients to new threats as they become apparent anywhere in the world, taking the actions necessary to ensure their protection.