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Highly Available Secure Web Access

Using multiple Points of Presence, carriers and Internet Service Providers, along with industry leading security technology, DMZInternet is New Zealand's most secure and robust Internet service. Which now includes IPv6 support.

DMZInternet service is designed to protect your internal systems by removing the requirement to directly connect to the Internet. With all Internet access and traffic managed via the DMZGlobal Secure Business Exchange (SBX) using industry leading security systems and practices, DMZInternet provides you with a trusted and secure Internet service.


DMZGlobal can provide you with a number of options for DMZInternet:


The advanced ‘in cloud' solution delivering clean internet access with comprehensive organisational reporting


This solution integrates on-site proxy management services, providing local caching, URL filtering, detailed user level reporting and end-to-end service management.

High Availability

A customised solution to deliver maximum up time with options around connecting multiple sites, full inter- PoP provisioning with zero contention and options of implementing diverse circuits and carriers.

DMZMessaging, DMZScreen, DMZHosting and DMZDDoS

With the integrated nature of the DMZGlobal service suite, complementary services can deliver total protection of your web presence including web applications, email and internet.


DMZInternet acts as a filter of unwanted or malicious Internet traffic. The key attributes of this service are:

IPv6 Readiness

DMZInternet will shortly support the ability to browse to and utilize IPv6 Internet resources in a native manner

Enhanced Web 2.0 Security

DMZInternet has evolved to address the increased volume, technical complexity and sophistication of malevolent threats to client internet infrastructure and services. This involves increased protocol and feature support, in particular

DMZInternet can now:

  • Inspect content encrypted using SSL
  • Protect against Instant Messaging (IM) threats
  • Protect against a targeted DDoS attack.

Strength in depth

DMZGlobal delivers a secure, monitored and managed layer between your organisation and the internet, effectively acting as your internet point of presence.


DMZInternet is built on a robust architecture to ensure that your web connection remains secure and available.

Email Security

DMZInternet comes with the DMZMessaging Standard service. This solution eliminates significant amounts of spam and includes: Reputation Filtering; black listing and two Anti-Virus engines.

Rich Reporting

Depending on the selected version DMZInternet provides detailed reports on individual users and groups as well as organisational trends.
Access Control and URL Filtering
Advanced user based access control, policy enforcement and dynamic URL filtering.

Streaming Media

Secure management and enhanced performance of streaming media content.


  • Security: based on industry best practice and corresponding to your security requirements and policies. DMZInternet passes through a minimum of two firewalls and a malware scanning system. Access Control lists are also enforced on the DMZGlobal managed end point.
  • Availability: architected and implemented to provide maximum availability using multiple ISPs and points of presence.
  • Management: security incidents are managed with 24x7 threat analysis. All infrastructure is monitored 24x7 with all changes managed by DMZGlobal to ITIL guidelines.
  • Clean: all internet email, HTTP, HTTPS and FTP traffic to and from your site will be scanned to ensure only valid content/ traffic that meets your security policy is allowed past the
    DMZGlobal perimeter.
  • Efficient: bandwidth analysed and filtered to ensure that you only pay for genuine traffic.
  • No surprises: a fixed price per user model with no surprises in the monthly bill.
  • Performance: consistent internet service with no active throttling around international bandwidth.
  • Cost-Effective: certain DMZInternet implementations will see you eliminate the need for any on-site firewall, assuming that there is no requirement for direct inbound Internet access. By utilising shared services, clients have access to leading technology, as well as industry leading security.
  • Compliance: DMZInternet is designed to help you meet your security compliance requirements such as the ISO 27001 and PCI DSS standards.