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Secure Remote Access

DMZGlobal's Secure Remote Access service suite provides industry-leading remote access solutions using both client and browser-based services, as well as a range of connectivity options.


Whether your business requires remote access for Web enabled applications such as mail, intranet or Thin Client (Microsoft Terminal Server and Citrix), or configurable multi-protocol network level access, DMZGlobal can provide a solution that meets your requirements from the following options:


Using best-of-breed Juniper SSL-VPN appliances, DMZGlobal can provide your business with a managed portal that acts as a consolidated access point for all remote accessibility.


Based on Check Point's SecureClient and Integrity's SecureClient, the DMZEndPoint security solution includes remote access as part of its service suite.

DMZHosting and DMZScreen

Using Reverse Proxy and Advanced Hosting services DMZGlobal can help deliver your applications and systems securely to remote users and partners.


DMZRemote services enable remote users to connect securely to corporate networks through the DMZGlobal Secure Business Exchange (SBX), using a comprehensive selection of access technologies anywhere, at any time.

  • DMZRemote in conjunction with DMZScreen can securely deliver web applications such as webmail and Intranet sites with just browser based access
  • DMZRemote can provide a secure platform for Thin Client access for Microsoft Terminal Server and Citrix systems
  • DMZRemote has the option of a multi-protocol access client to provide access to specific protocols on a per group basis. This allows access to individual devices on the client network with a variety of protocols
  • DMZRemote has strong Endpoint Policy Enforcement including host checking services to reduce risk and improve access control

The DMZRemote service suite uses best-of-breed technology to provide the flexibility and security that clients need for enterprisegrade remote access. With pre-deployed infrastructure, DMZRemote can reduce implementation and support time and costs.

  • Solution Flexibility: With a variety of client and browser based solutions including IPSEC, SSL-VPN, portal and Secure Hosting, DMZGlobal can deliver the solution to meet your requirements.
  • Speed and Ease of Deployment: SSL-VPN portal technology allows for the rapid deployment of a solution without the need to visit each device.
  • Access Flexibility: A wide variety of choice when it comes to access options (domestic and global). Options include dial-up, ADSL, mobile data, WiFi and hotel Ethernet.
  • Leading security: Comprehensive access policies based on factors ranging from device posture, authentication strength, user identity and resources being accessed. Strong audit logging also provides administrators with the ability to review all resources accessed by many users.
  • Cost control and scalability: As a managed service DMZRemote minimises the capital required to deploy a best-of- breed remote access solution, and is capable of growing with your business needs. It also provides a variety of license models such as a concurrent option where you only pay for the maximum number of users that access the service at any one time.