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Secure Business Exchange

The DMZGlobal Secure Business Exchange (SBX) is New Zealand's most secure and robust commercially available network. The SBX has security engineered into it and provides a secure delivery platform for all DMZGlobal's secure services.


The key attributes of the DMZGlobal SBX are:

  • The SBX is designed and implemented to provide maximum availability using multiple ISPs and Points of Presence. The DMZGlobal SBX connects to the Wellington Internet Exchange (WIX) and Auckland Peering Exchange (APE) as well as a number of ISPs using divergent media and connection paths
  • The SBX is designed and built as a delivery platform for DMZGlobal's industry leading managed security services
  • The SBX is deployed as an external layer, standing between the clients. networks, the Internet and third party connections
  • The services delivered by the SBX can filter and remove malicious content and spam, as well as counter other Internet borne attacks before they reach the clients Internal systems
  • The SBX provides full DNS name resolution services and NTP services for some of New Zealand's largest business and government organisations
  • The DMZGlobal SBX environment has extremely restricted access. A select few administrators, who all have Ministry of Justice and Police clearance, administer the SBX
  • The SBX maintains its integrity through stringent change, configuration and quality control processes. It is proactively monitored and managed 24x7 and runs Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and Intrusion Detection System (IDS). Practically every data packet is identified and tracked
  • The integrity of DMZGlobal SBX communication paths is maintained through the complete logical separation of all traffic. This is done using Cisco routers deployed on client sites, which utilise advanced address translation and allow virtual networking of the entire environment, traffic is logically separate until it reaches a shared firewall. At this point, the firewall maintains the logical separation through VLAN tagging and inspects all traffic. On egress from the firewall, tagging is maintained to the routing device, at which point traffic is routed to the relevant client network
  • Independent auditors regularly audit the environment. No significant concerns as to the network's integrity have been raised in the seven years it has been in operation. There have been no security breaches despite regular attempts
  • The SBX operates as a single virtual network across Auckland and Wellington using divergent media paths, carriers and ISPs. The environment's infrastructure is configured for high availability and all its key components are replicated. The vast majority of the equipment is classed as carrier grade
  • Traffic is managed between sites, with automatic re-routing performed across the solution, with further significant investment planned
  • Highly scalable bandwidth provisioning is built into the solution through the rate shaping of 100 mbps connections to meet future bandwidth requirements

DMZGlobal services are part of Vodafone's vision of the future. Vodafone will continue to invest in DMZGlobal high value security services.

  • Security - industry best practices, process and best-of-breed technology
  • Availability - multiple carriers, ISPs and Point of Presence (PoP)
  • Management - pro-active 24x7 management, monitoring and threat analysis
  • Cost - economies of scale from shared infrastructure
  • Compliance - the SBX is designed to meet and exceed ISO 17799/27001 standards
  • Future-Proofing - Vodafone will continue to invest in DMZGlobal high value security services. The SBX and associated services undergo regular enhancements to increase functionality, improve system operations and address new threats. DMZGlobal clients can be confident that security consultancy and managed services will evolve as the threat landscape change