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Secure Data Transfer

Many organisations now rely on file transfers as part of their business operations, however the current management and security of these transfers is often inadequate. The DMZTransfer service has been designed specifically to address these issues in a way that is extremely simple to use.

DMZTransfer is a DMZGlobal service that enables the secure transfer of data between organisations. Using standards based technologies such as HTTP/s and 128-bit SSL encryption, DMZTransfer delivers an open, cost effective, managed and secure alternative to the ever-increasing array of file transfer systems in use today such as FTP and email.

DMZTransfer is designed to provide industry leading safe transfer of files between organisations. This service provides:

  • A single management interface for all file transfers
  • An easy to use Internet Browser and/or script-client interfaces to DMZTransfer
  • Secure transfer of data via HTTP/s and 128-bit SSL encryption
  • Sender defined upload and download scheduling
  • XML-based interchange of instructions between systems along with the data
  • Alerting - non-delivery notification and escalation for business critical transfers to ensure early warning of file transfer failures
  • Comprehensive logging of transfer activity
  • 24x7 security monitoring
  • 24x7 availability monitoring

DMZTransfer can be driven via an interactive web interface or via machine "scripting" over the Internet or via dedicated data circuits. This approach can cater for high-volume, highly sensitive information, through to low-volume ad-hoc interactions.

DMZTransfer provides organisations with a single console from where they can schedule, manage and monitor all file transfers to and from their systems.