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Spam Statistics Map

This map details the number of blocked connections from Internet based hosts sending spam to DMZGlobal customers over the course of a day.

The information is collected from the SenderBase service running on our DMZMessaging servers. IronPort SenderBase(r) Network is the world's first, biggest and best traffic monitoring network. SenderBase measures more than 25 percent of the world's messaging traffic - receiving over five billion queries per day. Currently, over 100,000 organizations participate in IronPort's SenderBase Network, making it the industry's most accurate reputation system.

The coloured markers on the graph represent the number of connections for each IP address.

Connections < 100 are coloured in cyan
Between 100 and 500 connections are blue
Large volumes between 500 and 2500 are marked in black
Heavy offenders connecting more than 2500 times in a day are represented by a red pentagram